Dog training center “Jaguar” professionally provides dogs training services from 1997. During this period in our school were trained more than 3500 dogs, 50 breeds.

This is not only working dogs for indoor or outdoor human detection, explosive or narcotic searching, territory and owner protecting, rescue services on the water, but also pets that bring joy to children and faithfully serve their owners, their family…

We will gladly help you with training of your dog, no matter where it will be service for you!


From basic skills to expanded national and international programs. Individually or at training center basis. Read more…



Training of security and protection dogs to ensure the facilities and protected persons guard.

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Detector dogs training for searching odors of explosives, narcotic and weapons at the areas, buildings, baggage, vehicles. Read more…


If you already don’t have a dog, then we recommend one-time counseling session for free, where you will know how to choose right your dog and how to behave with it, and if you already have it, we will tell you what you need for training and care for it. Training is going basis at the training center and with the departure from it on a specially equipped car.

We can provide our services individually or at training center basis, all conditions are discussed by signing the contract.

Choose what is right for you, you can in the section: services. Read more about our work: photo, videocontacts.